Fri 05 May 2017

Lessons from running a Data Team
Some lessons I learned while building and running the Data Team at Axial

Mon 14 April 2014

Population & Sample Variance
A practical example of why we divide by (n-1) when calculating the sample variance

Mon 31 March 2014

Detecting and Fixing Outliers in Data
Using a Selective Median Filter to clean erroneous data

Sun 30 March 2014

Remittance and the exchange rate
Remittance is surprisingly not dependent on the prevailing exchange rate

Wed 12 March 2014

App Stores are portals of yesteryears
Structured and categorical listing will be disrupted by deep, contextual search for mobile applications

Mon 10 March 2014

Base Rate Fallacy
Interpreting commonly quoted statistical results through understanding of base and false discovery rates.

Thu 13 February 2014

Data Debt
Friends don't let friends accumulate data debt

Tue 11 February 2014

Fertility & Infant Mortality
An analysis to determine the relationship between fertility and infant mortality rates

Sat 01 February 2014

Building your own Buffer App
Build your own Buffer App service to spread out your tweets throughout the day

Sun 26 January 2014

Are Movies Getting Better or Worse?
A fun little data analysis exercise using IMDB movie rating database

Wed 22 January 2014

Demystifying the Data Scientist
Is the time ripe for a full stack data scientist?

Sun 19 January 2014

Introduction to R
Learn the basics of using R to perform simple data analysis

Wed 01 January 2014

Monte Carlo simulation in Scala
Calculating the value of Pi using Monte Carlo simulation

Wed 13 November 2013

Curve smoothing in R
Common techniques for smoothing curves and how to do that in R

Wed 23 October 2013

MongoDB replication pitfalls
Common issues while converting standalone MongoDB instance to a replicated set.

Fri 30 August 2013

Running my own mail server
Run your own mail server using iRedAdmin

Fri 02 August 2013

Read this before you move
The little things you should keep in mind before your move

Thu 16 May 2013

Backing up Gmail using 'fetchmail'
Set up fetchmail to download all your emails from Gmail

Mon 13 May 2013

Installing Phonegap on Windows
Installing Phonegap on Windows