Tue 11 February 2014

Fertility & Infant Mortality
An analysis to determine the relationship between fertility and infant mortality rates

Sun 26 January 2014

Are Movies Getting Better or Worse?
A fun little data analysis exercise using IMDB movie rating database

Wed 22 January 2014

Demystifying the Data Scientist
Is the time ripe for a full stack data scientist?

Sun 19 January 2014

Introduction to R
Learn the basics of using R to perform simple data analysis

Wed 01 January 2014

Monte Carlo simulation in Scala
Calculating the value of Pi using Monte Carlo simulation

Wed 13 November 2013

Curve smoothing in R
Common techniques for smoothing curves and how to do that in R

Wed 23 October 2013

MongoDB replication pitfalls
Common issues while converting standalone MongoDB instance to a replicated set.