Wed 12 March 2014

App Stores are portals of yesteryears
Structured and categorical listing will be disrupted by deep, contextual search for mobile applications

Sat 01 February 2014

Building your own Buffer App
Build your own Buffer App service to spread out your tweets throughout the day

Wed 22 January 2014

Demystifying the Data Scientist
Is the time ripe for a full stack data scientist?

Sun 19 January 2014

Introduction to R
Learn the basics of using R to perform simple data analysis

Wed 01 January 2014

Monte Carlo simulation in Scala
Calculating the value of Pi using Monte Carlo simulation

Wed 13 November 2013

Curve smoothing in R
Common techniques for smoothing curves and how to do that in R

Wed 23 October 2013

MongoDB replication pitfalls
Common issues while converting standalone MongoDB instance to a replicated set.

Mon 13 May 2013

Installing Phonegap on Windows
Installing Phonegap on Windows