About Me

I am a Technical Program Manager at Instagram where I work on engineering programs focused on improving developer productivity and satisfaction. This allows Instagram to scale its products to hundreds of millions of users while keeping the engineering team relatively small.

Before this, I helped architect and build HBO's new Big Data analytics platform on AWS, headed up the data team at Axial and was the first Product Manager at CB Insights.

I started out my career at Microsoft where I worked in the Operating Systems Division and hacked on the Plug & Play subsystem in NT Kernel.

I graduated with a B.S. in Electrical & Computer Engineering and an A.B. in Mathematics from Lafayette College and an MBA from Chicago Booth.

Interests include functional programming languages (currently learning Haskell, Elixir and ReasonML), behavioral economics, mechanical keyboards and cooking. I live in Cranford, NJ with my wife and son.

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