About Me

I lead a team of Technical Program Managers (TPMs) at Instagram working on mobile (Android, iOS) performance and reliability, media infrastructure (performance, efficiency, storage), notifications platform (push, email, SMS, in-app), Design Systems, new interfaces (instagram.com, IG Lite) and other programs that have app-wide impact.

Before this, I helped architect and build HBO's new Big Data analytics platform on AWS, headed up the data team at Axial and was the first Product Manager at CB Insights.

I started out my career at Microsoft where I worked in the Operating Systems Division and hacked on the Plug & Play subsystem in NT Kernel.

I graduated with a B.S. in Electrical & Computer Engineering and an A.B. in Mathematics from Lafayette College and an MBA from Chicago Booth.

Interests include leadership and management philosophy, macro-economics and functional programming (focus on expressiveness of languages). I also enjoy cooking, mechanical keyboards and fountain pens. I live in Cranford, NJ with my wife and two kids.

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